About Us

History, Present, and Vision
AlumAlloy Company was founded in 1961 by Henry Howell, the son of a steel caster, and grandfather of the current President. Henry had been an innovator in metal casting since 1936 and was a pioneer in the development of ductile iron.

His son, David Howell, purchased the family business in 1973 after enjoying a successful career with a prestigious aerospace firm. Applying the principles of heat transfer and fluid flow learned in college, he was highly successful with the pouring of castings that had unique requirements in terms of physical properties and soundness.

His son, Clark Howell, is now active in the Company and continues to improve the facilities and processes. In January 2009, Clark will become President of AlumAlloy, and David will continue to remain on the staff as Sr. Casting Specialist, devoting most of his time to the advanced research and application of pouring premium-quality castings.

AlumAlloy is eager to enter this new generation with an ever-stronger dedication to meeting all if its customers' needs in terms of outstanding Quality, Service, and Value.